Body parser

When sending a request that includes body parameters (POST, PUT etc.), you will need to get that body parsed to object in order to work with it.
Middleware 'body-parser' can handle that operation for you.

By setting route middleware with { middleware: 'body-parser' }, you will get your route body data passed to the route callback parameter.

Fields that are sent through the middleware will be located in body property of parameters.

For instance, lets assume that we want to send this JSON object through the POST request body:

  "name": "Jack",
  "lastname": "Jackson"

to the route /user:'/user', '[email protected]', { middleware: 'body-parser' });

create method of UserController:

create(data) {
  console.log(; // "Jack"
  console.log(data.body.lastname); // "Jackson"

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